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Campaign organizer: SIA Loyalty Services, registration number: 40103273540; legal address: Mūkusalas iela 42, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia


Campaign period: 06.07.2020 - 27.09.2020


Campaign location: Latvia


All members registered in PINS programme may participate in the campaign.

How it works:

Buy any ice cream, show PINS app or PINS plastic card and get a digital stamp.


Collect 6 stamps and and receive a 7th ice cream as a gift*.


* any ice cream of your choice.


Download the PINS mobile app to easily track your progress of collecting stamps.


If you are a user of the PINS mobile app, you will receive a coupon for your free ice cream n the My Coupons section of your PINS app


If you have never downloaded the PINS app, but you have used a PINS plastic card, you will get a coupon code for your free ice cream via an SMS to the phone number indicated in your PINS profile.


After using coupons and after they expire, coupons will be deleted from the PINS mobile app.


The number of stamp cards per campaign period is not limited. Once you have filled one stamp card, you can start collecting stamps for your next free ice cream. The new card will appear in the PINS application when you collect your first stamp.

If you have not received a digital stamp:

Wait up to 10 minutes - the stamp will appear in the PINS application

Check the receipt to see whether the purchase was made offline (if you see this information on the purchase receipt, there was no Internet connection at the shop at the time of the purchase, and information about the purchase, including the number of stamps granted, will be updated as soon as the Internet connection is restored). As soon as the information is updated, all the stamps granted to you will appear on the stamp card.

Update the PINS mobile app

Check whether PINS have been granted to you for this purchase on the PINS mobile app
If PINS for the purchase appeared in your account but a stamp for the ice cream was not granted or the number of stamps is different from the number of ice creams purchased, please contact our customer service centre and send us a copy of the receipt.

If you have not received a free ice cream coupon:

A digital coupon for a free ice cream will appear under the section My Coupons in your PINS mobile app in a few minutes once all the stamps have been collected.


If the coupon does not appear, update your PINS app.


If the digital coupon does not appear when the application is updated, please contact our customer service centre.

If you don't get an SMS with a 6-digit code for your free ice cream:

SMS with your free ice cream code will only be sent to plastic card users registered in the PINS programme who have never downloaded the PINS mobile app.


Check whether the phone number in your PINS profile matches the number you want the ice cream coupon code to be sent to.


Download the PINS mobile app: all the ice cream coupons granted to you, if you are a registered PINS user, can be found in the section My Coupons


If you have ever downloaded the PINS mobile app, ice cream coupons will ONLY be available to you in the PINS app, and you will not receive any SMS.


If you have lost the SMS with the ice cream coupon code, download the PINS mobile app. You will find all your unused ice cream coupons under the section My Coupons.