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Narvesen is the leading retail trade franchise network in Latvia, which provides a convenient possibility to quickly renew energy and acquire the most necessary everyday goods and services across the country. At their 249 trading venues, Narvesen offers a varied range of fresh and tasty food products, refreshing beverages and a wide range of the newest periodicals. 

Knowing your pace of life and needs, Narvesen offers a unique wide range of food products marked with the quality mark FRESH&TASTY. They are always carefully picked, fresh and tasty products of manufacturers.

By providing a quick meal for different tastes we enable you to continue with your everyday tasks with new energy.

Already a PINS member

If you have already enrolled on the PINS program, you do not have to re-register. 

You may now collect PINS and buy for PINS using your existing personalised PINS card or digital card in PINS mobile app at all trading venues of Narvesen in Latvia.

Collect PINS

For each euro spent on products of categories: EAT / DRINK / READ




How do you receive PINS for purchases at Narvesen?

Present the digital card in PINS mobile app or the plastic PINS card to the shop assistant.

PINS may be collected for purchased products of the categories: EAT / DRINK / READ 

PINS may not be collected for alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, telephone cards, public transport tickets, non-food products and other services provided by Narvesen. 

The received PINS shall appear in the account immediately.

If the digital or plastic PINS card was not presented at the moment of purchase, PINS cannot be registered!

How many PINS will you get for purchases?

When buying food products, drinks and newspapers, you will receive 2 PINS for each euro spent on items in these categories.

For example: for 1 EUR = 2 PINS, 1.49 EUR = 2 PINS, 1.50 EUR = 3 PINS, 2 EUR = 4 PINS, etc.

How do you buy everything you want at Narvesen using PINS?

  • Present the digital card in PINS mobile app or plastic PINS card to the shop assistant.
  • The PINS balance can be seen both in PINS mobile app and on the screen of the cash register (in PINS and euros).
  • Choose if you will spend all of the collected PINS or a specific amount thereof on the purchase.
  • The uncovered part may be paid in cash or with a bank card.
  • There are no restrictions on what you can buy with the collected PINS.

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