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🔔Download airBaltic Club digital card now

What is airBaltic Club digital card?

It is the new digital card that you can download on your smartphone and add it to Wallet app on iOS devices or Passbook app on Android devices. You can use your digital card the same way as the plastic card, however, it is more convenient since it is always with you on your phone. There is no need for the plastic card anymore and you can reduce the use of plastic by choosing to use the digital card instead of a plastic card.

How can I get an airBaltic Club digital card?

You can download your airBaltic Club digital card by signing into your account on website from your smartphone and pressing on ''Add to Mobile Wallet'' button in Profile or My Card section.

Where can I use the digital card?

You can use airBaltic digital card for onboard purchases while flying with airBaltic and at the Riga Int'l airport's parking lots where you can scan your card before payment to accrue points.
If you are a holder of Executive or VIP status, use your digital card at Fast Track services and Business Lounge access in airports.

Your digital card, added to Wallet or Passbook, always will ensure easy access to your airBaltic Club membership number whenever you need it for a flight booking and check-in at airBaltic, or at membership number entry for points accrual.

Which devices support the digital card?

iOS devices with Wallet app and Android devices with Passbook or any other compatible mobile wallet app.

What will happen to PINS cards?

If you have any design of PINS plastic card (airBaltic Club, Lux Express, Narvesen, Topo Centras, or any other), you can keep using them - they are valid for points accrual and your membership number will remain active as well.

Once you download the new digital card to your mobile wallet, the card's design is changed to airBaltic Club card, but this card has the same functionality as previously (you can still collect points at other partners).

After the expiration date of Executive and VIP cards, new plastic cards won't be sent to elite tier level members. If you are starting a new qualification year, please download a new Wallet or Passbook digital card from website and it will be valid for all airport services.

What should I do with my plastic card?

You can continue using plastic card to collect points or you can dispose your card to recycling.
Can I still order a plastic card?

No, there will be no new PINS plastic cards produced.

The only exception is VIP status holders - based on individual requests we will prepare and send a set of VIP status plastic card and baggage tags.

What will happen, when the tier level card will expire?

Your digital card will no longer be active after the expiration date and will not be eligible for airport services such as fast track or Business lounge. Please download your new card once again from your profile on website.

Expiration is applicable only for Executive and VIP members. Standard Club cards (green) are not expiring.

What should I do if I have a new device?

You can download your airBaltic Club digital card anytime on any device by signing in to your account on website from your smartphone and pressing on ''Add to Mobile Wallet'' button in Profile or My Card section.

Can I use the digital card onboard?

Yes, you can use your digital card onboard airBaltic flights to collect points for your meal and drinks.

Can I use my digital card for airport fast track access?

Yes, you can use the digital card if you are airBaltic Club Executive or VIP level member in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn International airports.

Can I use my digital card for airport business lounge access?

Yes, you can use digital card if your are airBaltic Club VIP level member. Simply show/scan your card to the administrator for identification.