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In cooperation with PINS, Narvesen launched Mobile Loyalty Program for Convenience Store chain in Latvia

Approaching its 21st anniversary in Latvia, Narvesen decided to expand its business wider - increase sales even further, boost the number of returning customers and brand loyalty. However, it was quite a challenge. Some difficult questions arose.

  • How to achieve these business objectives with so many retail chains already covering Latvia?
  • Is there any effective solution that would both highlight “on-the-go” values of the brand and meet today’s consumers’ various needs to be convenient, fast, user-friendly and mobile-friendly?

It was clear that something completely new and modern, yet highly efficient is needed. So, there came a decision to partner up with PINS and launch a new fully-mobile Narvesen Bonus Program.

What is Narvesen?

Narvesen is a leading retail chain in Latvia that provides a convenient way for its customers to quickly “restore energy” and get the most essential goods and services on-the-go. Operating in Latvia ever since 1997, Narvesen has become the country's leading convenience retail chain. At any of 249 Narvesen stores, people can purchase:

  • Tasty foods;
  • Refreshing cold and hot drinks;
  • Public transport tickets;
  • Latest newspapers etc.

What is PINS?

PINS provides personalized loyalty program solutions, data analytics, and digital marketing services for our partners to gain new customers and retain the existing ones with attractive rewards and exclusive customer benefits. Simply put, PINS loyalty program members use PINS card or the mobile app to shop at PINS partners, earn PINS loyalty points that can be spent on more than 700 valuable rewards like:

  • Free flights and other travel extras,
  • Home appliances and electronics;
  • Gift cards, cinema tickets and many more

PINS offers extensive know-how and experience in loyalty program development, database maintenance, digital marketing solutions, and advanced mobile solutions. Currently, PINS program has over 2.8 million members and cooperates with more than 100 business partners worldwide.

Collaboration End-Product – Mobile Loyalty Program

Narvesen partnered up with PINS to launch the Narvesen Bonus Program – the first seamless convenience store mobile loyalty bonus program in Latvia for all Narvesen members and existing PINS members. And it has quite special features:

  • Instant accrual of PINS for each euro spent at Narvesen and the possibility to instantly spend them at any Narvesen store;
  • Real-time “collect and spend” transactions that allow users to keep close track of PINS account balance and transactions;
  • Targeted offers with promo codes, bonus PINS for the 1st transaction or spending a certain amount of money, etc.;
  • Digital raffles, coupons, rewarding the most frequent and returning customers in addition to the already successful gamification solution called PINS Shake&Win;
  • Digital stamp card to receive every 7th hot drink for free.

Digital Stamp Card

As a part of the Narvesen Bonus Program, an additional strategic, yet user-friendly solution was introduced – a new “digital stamp card” integrated within PINS mobile app. The principle of the new solution was simple and engaging – when buying a hot drink at any Narvesen store, simply show your digital or plastic PINS loyalty card to instantly get a digital stamp on your PINS app. Collect 6 stamps – get the 7th hot drink for free!

Furthermore, all integrated solutions have perfectly correlated with Narvesen's ideology: quickly and conveniently “restoring energy” on-the-go.

Results that Surprised Everyone

After 12 months since Narvesen Bonus program startup, the total number of the monthly mobile app active users has risen by +65% in Latvia. They are motivated to collect and spend PINS, and willing to make additional purchases at Narvesen, which is strongly supported by the available data on PINS loyalty program:

  • Total number of mobile app downloads increased by 135%;
  • Redemption transaction activity grew by 124%;
  • Monthly average transaction count with PINS card increased by 52%;
  • Additionally, such marketing campaigns like Shake&Win boosted member activity and enrollment on PINS mobile application and increased traffic to Narvesen stores: within 1 month 42% members redeemed their Shake&Win prizes at Narvesen stores. Such campaign success is to leading great opportunities and results for new future campaigns.

Final Conclusion: Worth It!

Expanding business with PINS and presenting the new Narvesen Bonus program – a highly efficient solution that helped Narvesen to:

  • Reach business objectives;
  • Increase overall customer retention;
  • Build more loyal and personal relationships with customers.

For Narvesen, the collaboration with PINS was an opportunity to build deeper, better and more personal relationships with both new and loyal clients by offering effortless opportunities with the new Narvesen Bonus program to collect and spend PINS within their stores and others. The Mobile Loyalty solution perfectly correlated with Narvesen brand values and business goals to provide a highly efficient, functional, fast and fully-mobile loyalty solution.

The chosen solution is already paying dividends and the Bonus program members’ activity and loyalty to Narvesen brand are growing continuously.

''Ever since the beginning of our cooperation on September 2017, PINS have prepared and implemented successful loyalty promotion tools according to the needs of Narvesen. Due to these tools, we can precisely identify our loyal and potential clients and communicate with them. We can definitely describe our cooperation with PINS as productive, successful and positive as clients experience a great added value.''

Ilze Dumceva , Head of Marketing Department at Narvesen

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