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How to receive stamps

Receive first two stamps right away by enrolling into the stamp card. Then earn one stamp for a direct flight of two stamps per roundtrip.

Stamps can only be received for airBaltic-operated flights, booked via airBaltic website as the Club member when entering your airBaltic Club number in booking process or during online check-in for the flight.

Stamps will be added to your stamp card when your flights are completed - 7 days after the flight.

Stamp card bonuses

Points bonus - you will receive bonus points 7 days after the flight.

Seat reservation vouchers - Seat reservation vouchers can be redeemed by contacting the Member Service no later than 48 hours before the flight.

Baggage vouchers - to use the baggage voucher, you need to contact our member service not later than 48 hours before the flight.

10 EUR vouchers - to use 10 EUR voucher, go to, press “I have a gift card / discount code” next to the search field, enter you voucher code, then book a flight and get a 10 EUR discount.

7000 points prize - to receive 7000 points you need to collect 12 stamps in 12 months. You will receive 7000 points automatically when you will collect the 12th stamp.

Executive membership level - to receive an upgrade to Executive membership level you need to collect 24 stamps within 12 months. You will get Executive level upgrade automatically when you will collect the 24th stamp.

Stamp card availability

airBaltic Club stamp card is available for all Club level members.

If you will get an upgrade to Executive level, the stamp card won`t be available for you.

Stamp card is not available for VIP tier level members as well. Executive and VIP level members receive various exclusive benefits.

To read full stamp card availability rules, please click here.

Missing stamps

If your stamps are not added to your account more than 10 days after a flight, please submit a form here.