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We would like to inform you that you can continue collecting PINS at Lux Express ticket store until August 15, 2020 (inclusive). We highly value your membership in our program, therefore you will still have plenty of time to spend your already collected PINS points at Lux Express until October 31, 2020.

PINS Lux Express bonus program FAQ

How long can I collect PINS points when purchasing tickets from Lux Express homepage?

You can collect PINS at Lux Express ticket store until 15.08.2020 (inclusive).

How long can I spend my PINS for Lux Express travel vocuhers at PINS Rewards shop?

You can spend your PINS for Lux Express travel vouchers until 31.10.2020 (inclusive). 

What will happen to previously purchased Lux Express travel vouchers at PINS Rewards shop but unused until 31.10.2020?

Your previously purchased but unused travel vouchers will be still active until the expiration date shown on the voucher even if it is after October 31, 2020.

Would I get PINS discount when purchasing Lux Express ticket from the coach or coach station?

Tickets purchased on board or from the coach station do not give a PINS discount. Only tickets purchased from Lux Express sales office or ticket store provides PINS members with their corresponding discount level.

What will happen to my Lux Express PINS discount level? Can I still purchase Lux Express tickets with the discount as before?

Yes, your current PINS level will remain the same until 31.12.2020. When purchasing Lux Express tickets from, use your PINS card number as before to apply for a discount. Lux Express will inform you about the changes in the customer loyalty program on 30.11.2020 at the latest.

Can I claim missing PINS for the purchases previously made at Lux Express?

Yes, you can submit a retro claim to PINS Member service for the purchases that were made at Lux Express until 15.08.2020 (inclusive). Retro claims for the purchases made after this date won’t be accepted.

Can I use my PINS card for boarding Lux Express departures?

From now on, Lux Express coaches can only be entered on the basis of an electronic or paper ticket. 

How do PINS expire?

All PINS collected at PINS partners are valid for 3 years (except for airBaltic Club Executive and VIP status card owners). If PINS are not spent within these 3 years from the accrual date, they expire irreversibly.

What should I do with my PINS card after 01.11.2020?

Your PINS card will still be valid to collect PINS and digital stamps for airBaltic flights and other travel partners in PINS program. If you wish, you will have a chance to download the new design of PINS card digitally to your mobile phone Wallet or use PINS mobile app.

Can I access my PINS account after 31 October 2020?

Your existing PINS account will remain active and you will be able to continue collecting PINS for airBaltic flights, hotel bookings and other travel services, and exchange them for attractive travel rewards.
 You will be able to login to your account at and website as well as in PINS mobile app.

Can I use PINS mobile app after 31 October 2020?

Your existing PINS account will remain active and you will be able to continue using PINS mobile app as before.

What will happen to PINS program after 31 October 2020?

PINS loyalty program is set for a change to become the largest airline loyalty program for travelers in Baltics, thus changing the focus on more airline-related benefits and rewards that are already available for airBaltic Club members.
Your remaining PINS balance will stay in your airBaltic Club PINS account even after 30 September 2020, and you will be able to spend them in airBaltic Club PINS Rewards shop for airBaltic rewards such as flights, gift cards and various travel vouchers.