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Historically there have been 2 leading loyalty models – Frequent flyer program (FFP), aimed at people who use airline services frequently and Coalition Loyalty model, aimed at everyday consumers / infrequent travelers. FFP offers the best value proposition globally for frequent / corporate travelers, and Coalition Loyalty model offers most for everyday consumers / infrequent travelers.

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SFP explained

PINS created a third loyalty model which was coined as the Shopper Flyer Program model, or SFP in short. 

This model is believed to represent a very strong business opportunity for especially mid-size airlines and Low-cost carriers to serve infrequent customers based on best practices from the Coalition Loyalty models, while also maintaining certain core elements of the FFP offering. Key differentiators versus the existing FFP model (which is limiting airline programs in getting much larger revenues and loyalty penetration in key categories such as grocery) are:

1. Shared database access, based on agreed database principles

2. A strong and partner independent loyalty brand (most FFPs brands are uniquely linked to the airline’s brand in the consumer’s mind and thereby limiting the retailer’s willingness to display the brand on product level (POP branding) in their stores which is a requirement to get >60% revenue penetration of store sales via the loyalty card

3. Storing data on product level (SKU level) in the database as retailers want to run time-bound loyalty promotions on product level and don’t want to have to offer double points for example on all their products during a certain period

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We manage:

PINS is a global and innovative loyalty program with more than 700 local, global and online partners represented. The loyalty currency for the program is PINS which you can collect for shopping online, traveling, eating out, buying groceries, jewelry, fragrances or toys for the kids and much more. The program also offers PINS at a wide range of well-known international online shops for travel, home, sports, beauty and more. Spend PINS on flight tickets, gift cards, donations, music downloads or online shopping with a wide range of products. When spending on “Online Rewards”, one can also use PINS in combination with money.

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