Our people

The nicest thing about working in the PINS organization is that I am surrounded by people who want to become the best they can be in their profession. We are building a very professional loyalty marketing company with big ambitions, and to play a part in its development, while working with fun and inspiring business partners and colleagues, makes it a unique and inspiring place to do great work.’

Gabi Kool,

Who We Are

PINS is growing fast to become the most successful loyalty company in North and Eastern Europe, supporting leading airlines, retailers and financial institutions. As an employer we select positive, loyal and customer-focused professionals irrespective of nationality, gender or age. We develop and reward them to pursue their careers and gain unique experiences within an inspiring environment based on our core values:

  •     Show Great Empathy;
  •     Make Things People Love;
  •     Strive to be the Best.

We are proud to have a strong and very talented team. The team is the driving factor behind the success the company has had in the past years. Each member of the PINS team is working hard to impersonate PINS values in their everyday work.


Our departments

Although we are a relatively small team of 54 fantastic personalities, we represent 6 different countries:

  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Estonia;
  • Russia;
  • Finland;
  • Netherlands.


PINS employees have joined their minds, talents and experience working in 4 departments. The main role of each department is:

  • Brand department understands the power of the brand, and insures by all type of communication both internally and externally that brand’s promise has been brought in life and delivered clearly and positively to the customer. The integral part of the brand value for program members is attractive reward portfolio management.  It is always measured, monitored and benchmarked to upgrade the brand performance constantly.
  • Commercial department is responsible for integral commercial success of the company via acquiring new partnerships and developing existing ones. The key focus of Commercial department is on ensuring coalition partner commercial success via delivering member data and analytics for generating promotional campaigns that stimulate customer engagement and delivers sustainable competitive advantage to the coalition partners.
  • Analytics & Reporting department provides ability to enable large numbers of people to easily access real-time enterprise information, and transform it into richly formatted reports through discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Reporting & Analytics department enables PINS stakeholders to respond more rapidly to changing marketplace conditions, optimize core processes, and maximize productivity and cost-efficiency ensuring growth of PINS and its partner businesses.
  • Technology is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, systems in order to solve a problem and perform a specific function. That is what they do – everything to keep the information flowing in the veins of our company.


What we offer

  • Career and development opportunities – it is the right place to grow professionally and accept great challenges supported by every team member.
  • Excellent Working Environment – creative environment full of inspiration and sparkle, as well as friendly and highly motivated co-workers.
  • Professional Training.
  • Special offers – employees are welcome to use special offers of many of our partners – e.g. flights, dental services, sports clubs, SPA procedures and cafes.